The VEA has built a nationwide network of people and companies who want to support the veteran community. Feel free to browse all of the resources listed on this page.

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The VEA offers 100% free membership! This membership lives on our very own platfrom, called The FOB!

This immersive platform brings education, community, connection, and collaboration all under one roof.

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Small Business Administration

SBA works to ignite change and spark action so small businesses can confidently start, grow, expand, or recover.

veteran entrepreneur portal

VEP makes it easier for small businesses to access federal services, regardless of its source—and quickly connects Veteran entrepreneurs to relevant ‘best-practices’ and information.


National Veteran Business Development Council provides access and opportunities to America’s largest corporations for certified Service-Disabled/Veteran Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs). We are Vets Helping Vets.

nvbdc taskforce

The primary role of NVBDC Military and Veteran Organization Task Force is to pursue and achieve tactical and strategic objectives by partnering with organizations to help Veteran Businesses.

idaho connect

wyakin foundation

Serve as a conduit, connecting wounded and injured veterans to successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance.


Dedicated to serving Idaho’s veterans and their families by providing superior advocacy, excellent assistance with benefits and education

idaho wbc

They are here to help you start & scale your small business. While they are branded as a women's business resource, they serve all types of businesses in a number of ways.


Delivers wrap-around services and a navigation network hub for veterans, military serving, and their families to provide connections to community resources.


The Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance (VEA) is a non-profit organization that aims to support veteran-owned businesses and help them succeed. The VEA provides a range of resources and support to veteran entrepreneurs, including access to capital, mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational resources. The organization serves as a hub for veteran-owned businesses and helps connect them with other veteran entrepreneurs, as well as with potential customers and partners. The VEA also works to advocate for veteran-owned businesses and raise awareness of their contributions to the economy and society. In addition to its support for veteran-owned businesses, the VEA also aims to promote entrepreneurship and small business ownership among veterans. The organization offers resources and guidance to help veterans start and grow their own businesses, as well as connect them with other veteran entrepreneurs who can provide mentorship and support. Overall, the Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance is a valuable resource for veteran-owned businesses and aspiring veteran entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their own businesses.

Let's start with the obvious.....VETERANS! Now that we have that out of the way. We also support veteran spouses! Holding down the home-front is a vital element of every military members time in service. We thank you for the support and sacrifices you have made for your loved one.

Based on what you probably already know, you can most likely tell that we help veterans start and grow businesses. We do this through education, networking, and community building. We also realize that some of our members just want to learn more about starting a business. They may take a look and realize it isn't for them. We are here for that too! At the end of the day, the VEA wants to help veterans explore all of the options available to them in order to smoothly transition into civilian life. If that ends up not being business related, we will get you to the right partner to take care of you!